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 DANZIG (Poland) situated at the mouth of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea.
 Governement: Constitutional emirate.
 Independence: from 1919 to 1939 had the status of free city.  
 Capital: Danzig
 I was given to Poland in March 1945.
 Monetary system:   1 Mark = 100 Pfenning
                                   1 Gulden =100 Pfenning  1923-1937.            



P.24a . 1 Million Mark 8-8-1923. Arms at left , Chodowjecki at right. 1923 Inflation Issues.

5 -digit serial #.

P.24a . 1 Million Mark 8-8-1923.. Ornate gateway.

P.25b . 10 Million Mark 31-8-1923.. Portrait J.Hevelius at left , arms at right. Without A at lover right corner. 1923 Inflation Issues.

P.25b . 10 Million Mark 31-8-1923.

Numbers of banknotes in this page 2.

For Reference number see Standard Catalog of World Paper Money published by Krause Publications.

(La numerazione fa riferimento al catalogo Standard Catalog of World Paper Money stampato da Krause Publications.)

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